Hi again, I'm Miranda, a product designer and illustrator based in the SF Bay Area working toward some kind of world betterment. ☻
image of me
Appreciate you taking the extra step to get to know me! Spirited Away Gif
first things first
I’m Miranda, a recent graduate from UC Davis with a dual degree in Design and Business Economics. Go Ags :')
personal endeavors
I’m volunteering as a product designer at OpenMeal, non-profit organization dedicated to serving meals to those in need while also supporting local restaurants! I'm very drawn to volunteer opportunities that aid and serve underserved communities and those who need support in crises.
I'm an Associate Product Designer working on the Student Design team at Workday. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and I'm excited to learn and grow in this new role!
I think deeply about the stories of the people who will use my designs and the context of their experience.
like building a home
A home must go beyond being functional and a space for fulfilling our basic needs. The same applies to design. Good design delivers comfort, beauty, and a sense of identity.
never just work
Design is more than just work. It enables us to explore, experiment, and equip ourselves with novel ways of taking on challenges in the real world.
the alexas
At the start of quarantine, a couple of friends and I started a band and we called ourselves, The Alexas! Singing was a thing confined within my shower walls, but this band has given me a space to explore, make mistakes, and trust myself — things that now heavily support me in my design career.
my Etsy shop
I'm an illustrator on the side running my own Etsy shop! I started my journey as a visual designer and this has been my avenue to continue focusing on craft and creative vision. Find my work here and here :')
thrifting + spending time with my family
Clothes that were pre-loved are the most special to me, especially the ones handed down to me from my parents and grandparents. If I'm not thrifting, I'm spending some quality time with my family!
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