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I’m Miranda, a senior double majoring in Design and Business Economics at UC Davis. I’m currently a product designer at OpenMeal, a non-profit organization leveraging technology to serve meals to those in need while also supporting local, family-owned restaurants!
For me, design is about finding and doing meaningful work. My goal, be it in design or otherwise, is to improve public life for everyday people and that's evident in the work I've done thus far. And what's even more energizing is being able to work on projects I truly care about and understanding experiences I might have never related to otherwise.
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Selected Work ↓
These are projects that have most shaped my thinking and experiences as a designer.
Improving and extending the food sharing experience to the larger community ↗ FreeBites Project Mockup
6 weeks — In development for release
Streamlining the parking experience + optimizing for scalability ↗ JAPA Project Mockup
6 weeks — Plans for development
Reimagining America's Protein Source with Inago ↗ Inago Project Mockup
Visual Design
2 months
UC Davis Student Housing
Conceptualizing the creative vision for a campus-wide orientation recruitment campaign ↗ Orientation Project Mockup
Visual Design
3 weeks
Helping health care providers tackling COVID-19 seamlessly check in new patients ↗ Project Mockup
36 hours — UX Hackathon
Helping restaurants better serve their diners through data insights ↗
Coming soon! (super excited about this one!)
My journey so far ↓
Product Designer @ OpenMeal
VP Education, UX Design Consultant @ Design Interactive
Design Intern @ Venture Catalyst
Graphic Designer @ UC Davis Student Housing
UI/UX Designer @ FreeBites
UI/UX Designer @ JAPA
Co-Graphic Designer @ ASUCD Mental Health Initiative
Lead Graphic Designer @ Asian American Association
Creative Studio Intern @ CreativeLive