Nice to meet you, I'm
I'm a
in the
working toward
some kind of world betterment. ☻
Recently graduated with a degree in both Design and Managerial Economics from the University of California, Davis.
Currently designing and rethinking the student experience in higher education at Workday.
Illustrating and running a small stationery shop on the side.
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Fall 2020
Improving and extending the food sharing experience to the larger community ↗
UX Design, UI Design
FreeBites project preview image
Winter — Spring 2021
Optimizing the donor page to encourage new and recurring donations ↗
UX Design, UI Design
OpenMeal donor page project preview image
Spring 2020
Streamlining the parking experience + optimizing for scalability ↗
UX Design, UI Design
JAPA project preview image
Inago project preview image
Reimagining America's protein source with Inago, a rice grasshopper based snack ↗
Visual Design, Branding
UC Davis
UC Davis Orientation project preview image
Conceptualizing the creative vision for a campus-wide orientation recruitment campaign ↗
Visual Design, Branding
For me, design is—
Compassion — I think deeply about the stories of the people who will use my designs and the context of their experience.
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let's build something together spinning text